scenic landscape placed in a cigarette box

Preserved Landscapes

A project about preservation and memories.
Natural sceneries are conserved in vintage packaging. Similar to outdated boxes, they serve so as reminder on seen and lived situations and their transience.
Placed in a reduced and ordinary ambiance those sceneries induce a reflection about the singularity of nature and it's vulnerability….

tungsram luminous advertising in forest


The "Displaced" series, is an approached to the exciting and vast subject of "the impossible possible". Inspiration for this work were press images covering the 2011 tsunami in Japan. The first part of "Displaced" presents here, shows landscapes. Real landscapes, but enriched with objects. These objects are isolated from their original context and embedded in landscapes to serve as actors in a new, possibly real, but probably impossible situation.

white stupa

Ceylon Setting

The reason going to Sri Lanka was to produce an editorial series about travelling and kids fashion.
Besides this, it was a fabulous & interesting occasion to discover a country with an intensive urban and rural development.
A development which has to consider religious / cultural heritage, touristy requirements and farmland cultivation, to establish a functioning infrastructure.
Ignoring cosy boutique hotels and gorgeous landscapes “Sri Lanka Structure” is a journey in a country shaped by the anticipation for a future coming transformation and levelling.

winter landscape shaped by power poles

Random Places

Random Places is a collection of pictures taken at different places and in different occasions. They are related through the fact that human is brought to shape nature for his use in his close surrounding.
Random Places shows the cutting points between vegetation and human needs for engineering and arrangement, the transformation of nature to a functional controlled area.
A functional area which produces a distinct graphical style/shape and has to obey simultaneously to a certain purpose.

a ride-on machine in front of the Geode Paris

Paris Now

Mostly everyone knows Paris, even if it's just from pictures. Like many other cities on the planet there is a visual representation of the city which works as common impression. But besides those iconic pictures there is a city with ordinary people how work and live in this city. Paris Now is about the unspectacular and quotidian of the city of light and love.

Construction zone on the beach with street lamps


This is a work about functionalism and non-presence in holiday resorts. It shows traces of human behaviour in a highly organized environment.
Due to the absence of any human presence these places change into an bizarre empty stage setting, and thereby reveals the deployment of infrastructure and facility's needed to allow life and activities.

administration and office buildings


Inhuman proportions are very often characteristic for functional urban districts. Walking around such a place give you the feeling of being a foreign body in a highly structured neighbourhood. Proportions and distances aren't adapted for human being but for the in the underground residing motor traffic. Consequently those disproportional and distorted districts degenerate easily to no go areas, due to crime, dirt and exaggerated walking distances.

buildings Dortmund Germany


Largely destroyed after WW II, this German city,
is representative for an unsystematic urban development.
The mix of housing space and industrial real estate leads to a very unique appearance far from historically grown cities.

newspaper delivery in front of door step

Odds and Ends

This is about small objects, anonymous things and more, but mainly how objects as well infrastructure can give you the feeling to be somewhere else; these pictures are an extract taken from a larger series.

pyramid shape memorial in Alsace France


In the East of France you will find impressive landscapes, fertile farmland but also relics of death and destruction. Monuments: reminders of loss and suffering, slowly fading into neglect and finally to become an integral and trivial part of the surroundings.