A collection of personnel projects, focused on functionality, development and engineering in landscape, urban spaces and architecture.Even if mostly absent the human interaction and behaviour represents the main common link between those series.
Shack in forest

The Shack Discoveries

This series reveals the secrets of some isolated retreats. The purpose of such free-standing buildings is…

fabulous coastal and mountain landscape boxed in cigarette box

Preserved Landscapes

A project about preservation and memories. Natural sceneries are conserved in vintage packaging. Similar to…

building foundation on the beach with street lights


This is a work about functionalism and non-presence in holiday resorts. It shows traces of human behaviour in…

Tungsram illuminated advertising displayed in pine forest


The "Displaced" series, is an approached to the exciting and vast subject of "the impossible possible".…

war memorial in Alsace


In the East of France you will find impressive landscapes, fertile farmland but also relics of death and…


Odds and Ends

This is about small objects, anonymous things and more, but mainly how objects as well infrastructure can…

low angle infrared images of administration and office buildings in Lyon France


Inhuman proportions are very often characteristic for functional urban districts. Walking around such a place…

cityscape Dortmund Germany


Largely destroyed after WW II, this German city, is representative for an unsystematic urban development. The…

stone elephant fresco

Ceylon Setting

The reason going to Sri Lanka was to produce an editorial series about travelling and kids fashion. Besides…

Gray functional building with conifer

Paris Now

Mostly everyone knows Paris, even if it's just from pictures. Like many other cities on the planet there is a…

winter landscape shaped by power poles

Random Places

Random Places is a collection of pictures taken at different places and in different occasions. They are…

Olivier Meriel Photography

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